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I am Me...

You, Us and We.

Make the promise...

Written by Caroline Trowbridge, illustrated by Lehla Eldridge.

Psst!...Can you keep a promise? Then let us begin…

Journey across our planet to see how animals and all humans are linked by a special bond: Love.

Make your promise under the moon and stars…

I am Me…You, Us and We encourages kindness, respect and mindfulness for all.


“Wow... This is really remarkable.  The sentiment is so beautiful and important. If I see a stranger and stop to think that she also calls herself I, that she calls me YOU and together we make WE, I guess we have to start seeing each other as US. Because we are really so much the same.  I love this book for teaching that and for asking us to respect that.” ~


Tony Award winning actress and mother,

Kelli O'Hara.  

 "This wonderful book teaches children (and adults) to remember our interconnection with each other.

Beautifully written with amazing illustrations, a true work of art!"

Brett Bevell, author of ‘The Wizards Guide to Energy Healing’

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WHAT Readers SAY

— Amazon,com reviewer

A compassionately written, beautifully illustrated children's book, communicating in inspired message, the notion of kindness and respect for all.
Or as my 6 year old nephew put it, 'We should all love and care for each other'. And this on a first reading!
It is never too soon to introduce children to the most basic spiritual tenets of a kind life, tolerance for all, acceptance of difference, respect for self and others.

I highly recommend I am Me...You, Us and We, and shall look out for more books from this writer. It is a wonderful tool to teach with, and the promise of kindness it asks children to keep, in this world so in need of warmth, brings hope to the hearts of the future.

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I am Me...You, Us and We - Caroline Trowbridge
About I am Me...You, Us and We.

At the very beginning, the reader is asked if they can "keep a promise" and to begin a journey across our planet by following a rainbow.

By the end of the book, the rainbow extends out into the Universe and here the reader is invited, under the moon and stars, to make the promise by signing their name in the book.

The story is told by well loved animals from across our planet to show that we are all, in fact, 'I, Me, You, Us and We'.  

The language is simple and by using repetition and the use of personal pronouns and rhyming words, children can easily connect to the purest intention of the book:  

be kind and respectful to all living things, including, ourselves, as we are all connected and full of LOVE.


The captivating illustrations, by Lehla Eldridge, illuminate the colors and diverse landscapes of Africa, Asia, Antarctica, the oceans and rainforests of South America.  


This book is extremely engaging for young children and challenges them to think about how we are responsible for this beautiful world we share and call home.

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