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Shooting Star!

Reach for the stars!

Written by Caroline Trowbridge.

illustrated by Lehla Eldridge

Available worldwide on Amazon and Kindle Store

“Psst! …Look Up! Can you reach for the stars?...

Follow Dar and Cat on their space-tacular journey past the Moon and planets back into the stars beyond! 

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Shooting Star! Sample - Sean Jones

"Shooting Star! is a beautifully illustrated enchanting tale. An older member of the family bids farewell to the youngest in his journey with his cat into a new existence in the stars. It's a story of family love, separation and a heavenly future. Using the simple and elegant metaphor of an ancient myth, Caroline Trowbridge informs us that we were once stardust and will return to stardust. Through it, children can come to terms with loss and learn about our place in our vast and mysterious universe." Robert Currey astrocartographer, astrologer and Founder of Equinox Astrology and The Astrology Shop, London.

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